An underwater volcano?

Laverna Kuhn asked a question: An underwater volcano?
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🌊 Is kilauea an underwater volcano?


🌊 Is loihi an underwater volcano?

yes it is a underwater volcano

🌊 Is stromboli an underwater volcano?

No, the Stromboli volcano is on an island.

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Is a seamount an underwater volcano?

Seamounts are underwater mountains that rise hundreds or thousands of feet from the seafloor. They are generally extinct volcanoes that, while active, created piles of lava that sometimes break the ocean surface.

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What causes an underwater volcano erupts?

Volcanoes underwater erupt in much the same way as those on dry land. They erupt when pressure builds up. The difference between these two types of volcanoes is that the lava produced in an underwater volcano cools dramatically faster than the lava on land.

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What is an underwater volcano called?

An underwater volcano is called a submarine volcano.

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What is the biggest underwater volcano?

Mauna Loa on Hawaii's Big Island has long been designated the world's largest volcano, rising more than 30,000 feet (9,170 meters) above the seafloor of the Pacific Ocean and encompassing more than 19,200 cubic-miles (80,000 cubic-kilometers) in volume.

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What is the largest underwater volcano?

  • Tamu Massif is an extinct submarine shield volcano in the northwest Pacific Ocean, with the characteristics of a hybrid between a mid-ocean ridge and a shield volcano. On 5 September 2013, researchers announced that it could be a single volcano which, if corroborated, would make Tamu Massif the largest known volcano on Earth.

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What is the smallest underwater volcano?

tensuki malhi, i think??

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What ocean floor feature underwater volcano?

There is an extrmely high amount of underwater volcanoes on pretty much every ocean floor.

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Where was the newest underwater volcano?

real life underwater volcano largest underwater

Off the eastern coast of the island of Mayotte, a gigantic new feature rises 820 meters (2,690 feet) from the seafloor, a prominence that hadn't been there prior to an earthquake that rocked the island in May 2018. "This is the largest active submarine eruption ever documented," the researchers wrote in their paper.

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Who discovered the first underwater volcano?

What is the biggest underwater volcano?

  • World's largest volcano identified off coast of Japan. This topographic map shows the underwater volcano Tamu Massif, the largest known single volcano on Earth. Scientists recently discovered that Tamu Massif, an underwater volcano that measures more than 120,000-square miles, is a single shield volcano.

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An underwater volcano with a sliced top?


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How big can a underwater volcano get?

375 feet tall

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How big is the largest underwater volcano?

tsunami underwater volcano underwater volcano pictures

Scientists discovered the 2,690-foot-tall (820 meters) volcano in the western Indian Ocean, off Madagascar, following a puzzling spate of earthquakes that struck near what is normally a seismically quiet area.

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How hot can an underwater volcano be?

1,250 Celsius

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What animals live near a underwater volcano?


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What can live in an underwater volcano?

Species That Thrive Near Marine Volcanoes

Pioneering hydrothermal bacteria provide food for small invertebrates, such as amphipods, shrimp and crabs. The most popular animals and probably the most successful in this environment are the worms.

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What causes an underwater volcano to erupt?

The tectonic plates shifting is what causes an underwater volcano to erupt. Plate shifting is also the cause of tsunamis and earthquakes.

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What do you call an underwater volcano?

tsunami underwater volcano lava underwater volcano


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What does an underwater volcano look like?

an under water valcano looks like an under water valcano

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What forms when an underwater volcano erupts?

underwater volcano real underwater volcano

When magma reaches the level of the seafloor, it meets cold ocean water and quickly cools to form basaltic rock, often termed “pillow lava” due to its rounded shape… Continued volcanism in one area can build up to form underwater mountains called seamounts or even islands that breach the ocean surface.

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What happens if an underwater volcano erupts?

A volcanic eruption of superheated magma (some 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit) from the West Mata Volcano produces a bright flash of hot magma that is blown up into the water before settling back to the seafloor. The explosion throws ash and rock into the water, and molten lava glows below.

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