Can the gopro hero 7 go underwater without a case?

Josefina Bechtelar asked a question: Can the gopro hero 7 go underwater without a case?
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Yes. so long as all camera doors are closed, these cameras are waterproof down to 10m (33ft) without a housing… HERO7 Silver and White can use the Protective Housing, allowing the use of the camera up to a depth of 131ft (40m).


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🌊 Do i need underwater case for gopro 7?

Is the GoPro Hero 7 black waterproof underwater?

  • Here is how the different GoPro 7 models stack up. For underwater use, the HERO 7 Black is the only one compatible with the Super Suit waterproof case (also known as a dive housing).

🌊 Do you need an underwater case for the gopro 7?

  • While you still have the option to get a case for your waterproof GoPro, it’s not a must. In areas of high humidity, a waterproof camera is necessary for capturing your adventures. No worries at all for the soggy environment.

🌊 Do you need dive housing for gopro hero 8?

  • In fact, if you're going deeper than a tidepool, we recommend a protective housing just to keep your camera safe. The GoPro Hero 8 needs a separate dive housing from the Hero 5, 6, and 7. The GoPro Hero 8 protective case and the Super Suit Dive housing both have a depth rating of 60m (196 ft) when using the waterproof backdoor.

🌊 Does yi lite fit in gopro underwater case?

Is the Yi camera waterproof like GoPro Hero?

  • It's also worth mentioning that the Yi camera was reported to be waterproof to 40 meters, like the GoPro Hero is. This is not the case. You need to buy a separate dive housing for that (unlike the Hero, which has one built in). The Yi cam was also initially reported to have 64GB of storage.

🌊 How big is the underwater housing for gopro hero 8?

  • The new GoPro HERO8 dive housing is rated to 196ft (60m). This is beyond recreational dive depths, so you’re all set. Just remember to be vigilant in prepping and maintaining your dive housing. Is the Zeus Mini Good for Underwater Video?

🌊 How deep can the gopro remote go underwater?

How deep can you dive with a GoPro?

  • Some underwater cases will happily go to 80 metres, others might make it to 90 metres, but some might fail at 68 metres. So, in order to keep your equipment safe, stay above 60 metres. For most people, all of this is moot, however, as a GoPro really isn't the right equipment for dives that deep.

🌊 How deep can you go underwater with the gopro hero 4?

  • The standard housing that comes with each of the Hero4 cameras can go to depths of 40m (131′). If you want to go deeper underwater, you’ll need the special Dive Housing and it can go 60m (197′ deep). If you are using the Touch BacPac Backdoor, you can only go 3m (10′) deep. via GoPro

🌊 How long can a gopro stay underwater?

Standard with every GoPro camera, the waterproof housing can withstand depths of up to 131 feet (40 meters). You can leave the housing on the camera when you're using it for non-water-based fun. (Actually, you need it for some mounting options, because they attach to the housing.)

🌊 How long can gopro 5 be underwater?

With a waterproof rating of 33 ft (10m) in the nude and a Super Suit rating of 196ft (60m) this is indeed the best GoPro ever made for underwater use. The GoPro HERO5 Black is the choice for scuba divers as the optional GoPro HERO5 Super Suit provides depths up to 196FT (60M).

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How tall is the gopro hero 7 underwater camera?
  • The GoPro HERO 7 is waterproof down to 33ft (10m) without the housing, just like the 6 was. This is great for snorkeling. But for scuba divers and freedivers it is necessary to use the Super Suit housing, which is rated down to 197ft (60m).
Is the gopro hero 7 black worth it for diving?
  • If you're a diver, the GoPro HERO 7 Black is really your only option. The biggest improvement with the GoPro 7 Black is the hypersmooth image stabilization. It is most obvious with land use, but also makes a noticeable difference underwater.
Is the gopro hero 8 good for scuba diving?

The GoPro Hero8 Black is completely waterproof down to 10 metres (33 ft) without an underwater housing, which is great for pier and shallow water divers.

Is there an underwater port for a gopro hero 5?
  • SHOOT 6″ GoPro Underwater Dome Port: The SHOOT 6″ Underwater Dome Port is designed for GoPro HERO 5&6 Black models. This camera lens hood is waterproof up to 30m (98ft) and comes with the housing and waterproof case accessories.
What is the best setting for gopro hero 3 underwater?

Is the GoPro hero8 black good underwater?

  • The GoPro HERO8 Black included several new features, built using the same sensor as the HERO7 Black and HERO6 Black. While all three of these cameras will do great underwater, I think the new HERO9 Black is your best choice.
Will my gopro hero 4 silver record 50 ft underwater?

You can shoot 2160p video though only at 15fps like the Hero3 Black from the previous generation… There's also Protune for photos and videos and the camera can dive to 40 meters too. The touchscreen won't work underwater though, so you're back to relying on the hardware buttons.