Can you shark cage dive in florida?

Ryley Batz asked a question: Can you shark cage dive in florida?
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Florida has the best shark diving in the United States and is one of top shark diving destinations in the world… Our most popular trip is our Shark Diving Trip where we offer both cage diving and freediving with sharks. No experience is needed, all gear is provided, and sharks are seen every trip.


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🌊 How long is the shark cage dive program?

  • The program lasts for approximately two and a half hours and includes an educational orientation on the biology, care, training, study, and conservation of different shark species; an exclusive behind the scenes look at the shark habitat; an exciting cage dive experience, and will receive a digital photograph. Is this a swim-with-sharks program?

🌊 How much is shark cage diving in florida?

How much does it cost to go shark diving in Florida?

  • Shark Diving Trips | Daily Cage & Freedive adventures with Florida Sharks! Join us for an exhilarating adventure in the water with Florida’s impressive shark species! We offer Cage and Free Dive Adventures Daily! $195.00 per person. Up to 6 total guests. Swim with Florida’s Apex Oceanic Predators!

🌊 Do you need a shark cage to scuba dive?

  • Of all the pieces of equipment that you will need for shark cage diving, the cage is the most essential. You can survive without a wetsuit or flippers. You can even go without a diving mask if you have to. However, the shark cage is a must.

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How safe is shark cage diving?
  • Shark cage diving can be safe for both people and sharks , but it requires intelligent thinking and patience on behalf of the humans running the operation. Shark incidents tend to happen when you get the animals riled up by baiting them and making them act aggressively. Drawing them closer and closer to cages until they’re a little too close.
Is shark cage diving still safe?
  • Shark cage diving has its risks, as with anything that involves open oceans and wildlife encounters with predatory animals. However, shark cage diving is known to be very safe.
Is shark cage diving worth it?

So is Great White Shark Cage Diving Worth It? Yes! ... Getting in the cage afterwards and actually seeing how big this animal is put it even more in perspective. Yes, it is expensive, but if you have the chance, go for it!

What is shark cage diving like?

Shark cage diving is designed to be a viewing experience. You get in the cage to go and see sharks underwater. Thick prison bars get in the way, so cages are designed with openings. The idea is that the hole - while often large - is not big enough for a shark to actually get in.

What to bring shark cage diving?

Is it safe to dive with sharks from the cage?

  • Once everyone has had a chance to see the sharks from the cage, you then can return for a second dive. Is the cage safe? The main potential risks involved in the shark cages are from injuries climbing in or out of the cage, and swallowing water or drowning.
What to wear shark cage diving?

WHAT SHOULD I BRING WITH ME ON MY SHARK CAGE DIVING TRIP? You must bring warm clothing for after the dive, including a change of underwear, a swimsuit, cap, sunblock, camera & film.

Where to do shark cage diving?

Where to cage dive with sharks?

  • Cage Diving with Great White Sharks can be done at various dive locations across the world and is becoming a very popular tourist activity. The main places you can cage dive are Guadalupe Island off Baja California, Mexico and the coasts of South Africa and Australia.
Where to go shark cage diving?
  • Isla Mujeres is located near Cancun and is home to warm clear waters and lots of sharks . Mexico is a popular diving destination, especially for cage diving. The main shark you can expect to see is the mako. They grow 6-12 feet (2-4 m) long.
Why shark cage diving is bad?

Some operators bait sharks by throwing fresh fish and fish scraps into the water, a controversial practice known as 'chumming'. According to Torben Lonne, chief editor of, shark baiting is dangerous because it allows sharks to begin associating humans with food and makes them more aggressive to humans.

Where can you cage dive?
  1. 1 North Carolina's Crystal Coast.
  2. 2 Pacific Beach, San Diego…
  3. 3 Isla Guadalupe, Mexico…
  4. 4 Isla Mujeres, Mexico…
  5. 5 Neptune Islands, South Australia…
  6. 6 Farallon Islands, California…
  7. 7 Cocos Island, Costa Rica…
  8. 8 Tiger Beach, Bahamas…
How much does it cost to cage dive with sharks in florida?

Shark Cage Dives

This is the best way for those looking for an adventure to view sharks in their natural habitat. Our cage fits two divers at a time. Divers can enter and exit the cage as many times as they like throughout the day. *The cost is $250 per person for a full or half day.

Can you cage dive with sharks without a cage?
  • It is however rare, and cage dive operators do not provide the option to dive with these sharks without a cage. It is possible to experience diving with sharks without a cage at various destinations around the globe. Cage diving with sharks other than great whites is also available and equally as rewarding.
Does travel insurance cover shark cage diving?
  • The cost of including shark cage diving in your travel insurance policy can vary between insurers. It will either be covered free of charge, covered for an additional premium or excluded altogether, for example*: For instance, STA covers shark cage diving at no additional cost.
Has anyone died from shark cage diving?

On April 13, 2008, there was a fatal shark cage diving capsize that occurred off the coast of Gansbaai, South Africa where three tourists lost their lives - Two Americans and one Norwegian.

How much does shark cage diving cost?

These trips are designed for both experienced shark divers and novices looking to see their first shark. No experience is needed and all gear is provided. Cost: $300 per person, up to 6 guests per trip.

How to prepare for shark cage diving?

Is shark cage diving ethical?

  • The Ethical Dilemma of Cage Diving With Sharks It doesn't sound like an unethical experience when you outline the bare-bones of shark cage diving. You put on a wetsuit, jump inside a cage that is suspended just off the surface of the water, and go down in relative protection to view the sharks swimming beneath the waves.
Is great white shark cage diving ethical?

Where can you swim with great white sharks?

  • South Africa is known for cage diving with great white sharks, as is Guadalupe Island, 150 miles west of Baja California, Mexico. In some countries, diving with sharks is a major contributor to tourism.
Is shark cage diving allowed in hawaii?

What are the best tours in Oahu?

  • Take in many of Oahu’s most famous sights with the popular day-long Circle Island Tour. The scenic 120-mile (193-km) journey visits everything from Kualoa Ranch and Diamond Head Crater to some of the island’s most impressive beaches.
Is shark cage diving safe for children?
  • Shark Cage Diving is safe for children and elders and gives the whole family a wonderful opportunity to bond in a fun environment surrounded by fellow shark lovers Sharks are surface feeders and therefore surface viewing from the boat is trip -for -trip as spectacular as from the cage
What is shark cage diving cape town?
  • Shark cage diving is one of the best ways to experience one of the ocean’s most majestic, and feared, predators up close. It is one of the most popular activities among visitors to Cape Town. There are few things more exhilarating than looking a great white shark in the eye, while appreciating the sheer beauty of these magnificent creatures.
Where is the best shark cage diving?
  • Isla Guadalupe, Mexico - Great White Sharks.
  • Western Cape, South Africa - Bronze Whaler and Great White Sharks.
  • Farallon Islands, USA - Great White Sharks.
  • O'ahu, USA - Galapagos and Sandbar Sharks.
  • Neptune Islands, Australia - Great White Sharks.