Does hippos breathe underwater?

Hal Stamm asked a question: Does hippos breathe underwater?
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Hippopotamuses love water, which is why the Greeks named them the “river horse.” Hippos spend up to 16 hours a day submerged in rivers and lakes to keep their massive bodies cool under the hot African sun. Hippos are graceful in water, good swimmers, and can hold their breath underwater for up to five minutes.

How long can hippos hold their breath underwater?

  • Hippos spend about 16 hours a day in the water. While awake, they can hold their breath for up to five minutes. While they sleep in the water, they surface automatically and breathe without waking up.

How long can a hippopotamus hold its breath underwater?

  • When submerged underwater, hippos can hold their breath for 5 minutes or even longer if needed. Hippos have nostrils located on the top of their heads, which allows them to breathe even if the rest of their body is under water.


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