How deep can an iphone 8 go underwater?

Gideon Nikolaus asked a question: How deep can an iphone 8 go underwater?
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The iPhone 8's waterproof rating of 7 out of 9 means that it can resist water damage under 1 meter (3 feet) of fresh water for up to a maximum of 30 minutes.


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  • And since diving rocks are low to the ground, with no springboard like a diving board, the danger of injuries is far less. But, of course, diving rocks can only be installed at the deep end of your inground pool. Anyone using the diving rock must be able to jump or dive in without hitting bottom.

🌊 How deep is it safe to go when scuba diving?

  • Deep diving for scuba divers is when you dive below 18-20 metres (60-66 feet), which is the depth that newly trained scuba divers can dive. Although in reality a truly deep dive is over 30-35 metres (100-115 feet), which is the depth at which the next level of scuba diver certification will allow you to dive.

🌊 How deep is the diving pool at the commonwealth games?

  • The major facilities constructed for the XII Commonwealth Games were: AQUATIC CENTRE-5,000 seats-50M X 10lane pool-2M deep, Diving Pool 25M X 25M, Warm Up Pool. THEATRE 1,500 Seats and Warm Up Areas

🌊 How many fathoms is a 20 foot deep diving well?

Answer: .27 fathoms

🌊 Sims 3 caw how deep is ocean for diving lot?

  • The depth is 100, 200, and 300 with the CAW maps. It depends on which map you used. The Super CAW can make deeper maps but I've not done it so have no information on that topic.

🌊 What causes bends in a deep diving chamber?

  • Once in the chamber, the diver is immersed in a high pressure environment which is slowly reduced, minimizing any effect. Breathing a compressed air mixture of helium and oxygen with no nitrogen. For deep dives, in addition to the Bends, excess nitrogen can lead to decreased mental function. This is called nitrogen narcosis.

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Who was the most famous scuba diver to die in Blue Hole?

  • Yuri Lipski was one of these. Probably the most famous scuba death in the Blue Hole, the Russian-Israeli diving instructor became a household name in diving circles in 2000 after filming his own demise on a helmet camera.

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Deep sea divers normally breathe a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen, called nitrox or EAN (Enriched Air Nitrox). While Earth's atmosphere is 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen, nitrox is typically 32-36% oxygen.

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A deep stop is a 30-60 second stop at 50% of the maximum depth for the dive and should be taken by anyone doing decompression dives, or diving near the NDL's. Aquaviews Tip: A Deep Stop is not a substitute for your Deco Stop or Safety Stop.

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What is the bends in deep sea diving?

Decompression sickness: Often called "the bends," decompression sickness happens when a scuba diver ascends too quickly. Divers breathe compressed air that contains nitrogen. At higher pressure under water, the nitrogen gas goes into the body's tissues.

What is the meaning of deep sea diving?
  • diving, deep-sea Underwater activity for commercial or leisure purposes. Deep-sea diving developed with the introduction of the diving-bell and diving-suit. It refers to descents to depths of more than c .11m (36ft). Divers need to ascend slowly from such depths to avoid the bends.
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  • Deep sea diving to depths of several hundred meters is typically done by commercial divers for profit, and requires logistical support and a company to cover the team’s expenses. Deep dives can also be done for scientific research purposes. How does one become a deep sea diver?
What's the normal ascent rate for deep diving?
  • Ascend slowly and strictly follow the normal ascent rate no faster than 20 meter (60 feet) per minute. Make sure to do a safety stop at 5 meters (15 feet) for 3 minutes. Deploy your DSMB before your last ascent.
Which is adaptation for deep diving in cetaceans?
  • Which one of the following is NOT an adaptation for deep diving in cetaceans? A. Having more red blood cells to store more oxygen B. Having more hemoglobin to store more oxygen E. Having a lot of myoglobin in muscles to store more oxygen 12. Echolocation is a sense that relies on __________.
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De Beauve's dress was equipped with a metal helmet and two hoses, one of them air-supplied from the surface by a bellows and the other one for evacuation of the exhaled air. the Englishman John Lethbridge, a wool merchant, invented a diving barrel and successfully salvaged valuables from wrecks.