How do i teach my baby to hold her breath underwater?

Federico Bahringer asked a question: How do i teach my baby to hold her breath underwater?
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How to hold your breath longer underwater

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Submerge intervals: In the pool or bathtub, count out loud to three, and submerge your child under the water just until their entire head gets wet. Do this on an interval of every 5-10 seconds. This helps them learn how to hold their breath, then breathe, then prepare to hold their breath again many times in a row.


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  • Those who want to teach diving in Japanese school systems (colleges, universities, vocational schools, etc.) undergo general and specialized course work and testing to become authorized by the Japan Sports Association (JASA), under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

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  • We never swim your baby unless we’re absolutely sure that they are happy to go underwater. If they’re hiccuping, sleeping, crying or seem generally resistant, they’ll stay on the surface.

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  • Well every diver knows when they get stressed, panicky or overexert themselves, the sound of their breathing through their regulator quickens, and they will immediately slow down, calm down and regulate their breathing to conserve air. Diving teaches you to pay attention to your breathing and breathe constantly at all times at a regular rate.

🌊 What does the diving reflex do to a baby?

  • “The diving reflex” is the first of these natural responses. Known properly as the “bradycardic response,” this is a natural reflex common to many mammals, including humans. When a baby is submerged in water, the natural survival reflex is to hold their breath and open their eyes.

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  • Infections and nasty poop The cleanest of all clean pools can hold all sorts of invisible contaminants. A lot of the bacteria that contaminates a pool can cause an infant to have diarrhea. And subsequent diarrhea in the pool can cause eye infections, ear and skin infections, respiratory and gastrointestinal issues… poop in a pool is bad.

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How to hold your breath and breathe underwater. breath hold challenge!

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  • When your baby goes underwater, the soft tissue at the back of their throat (called the larynx) closes to block the entrance to the airway. And it’s at its peak in their first 6 months. But this doesn’t mean that babies can be suddenly submerged without warning.
What happens when a scuba diver takes a breath?
  • When scuba divers take a breath at depth, their lung volume is 100%. This is due to the density of air at depth. The deeper, the denser air gets.
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  • When first trying freediving breath control, lay in the water with a partner stood beside you. Facing the ceiling with your face out of the water, float horizontally. Take a few deep breaths in and out, before taking a final large breath. Your partner will then roll you over to submerge your face in the water and begin to time you.
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  • Check that the learner is comfortable with the stance on land first before moving to dive lessons by the water and in the water. Calm a nervous student. Students who are scared are more likely to jump in the wrong way and hurt themselves. Don't let your students dive scared. Instead, reassure your student that diving is fun and safe.
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  • Once the baby has been born, following advice from a doctor, most women can return to diving in 4-8 weeks. After reading the literature on the subject it is clear why there is a debate over the topic. Data is limited and inconsistent and makes drawing conclusions difficult.

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