How do lobsters breathe underwater?

Genoveva Skiles asked a question: How do lobsters breathe underwater?
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Lobsters use gills to breathe. Their gills are blood-filled, feathery organs which extract oxygen from water. The gills can be found at the base of the lobster's legs… To maintain a steady supply of oxygen, the gills circulate water for lobsters the way our respiratory system circulates air to breathe.


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), which derives body composition from body density and body volume. It uses Archimedes' principle of displacement.

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  • Use a boat; a dinghy will do for calm to moderate conditions. Go out in mid-morning, fully rested, and on a bright sunny day. Avoid the dusk, night and dawn hours. For subsistence fare, the day hours are clearly sufficient. Anchor the boat. Lobsters can be found in waters from ten feet deep and deeper.
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