How do old school diving helmets work?

Johann Auer asked a question: How do old school diving helmets work?
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How it works: old diving suit

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A diving helmet is a rigid head enclosure with a breathing gas supply used in underwater diving… Gas was delivered at an approximately constant rate, independent of the diver's breathing, and flowed out through an exhaust valve against a slight over-pressure.

  • The original standard diving equipment was a copper helmet or "bonnet" (British English) clamped onto a copper breastplate or "corselet", which transferred the weight to the diver's shoulders. This assembly was clamped to a rubber gasket on the dry suit to make a watertight seal.
  • The older helmets featured a free flow design for delivering breathing air under pressure. This simple design connected to a closed canvas diving suit and was connected to a pump floating on the surface of the saltwater or freshwater. Hosing went into the helmet for the delivery of air.


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Diy scuba diving helmet!

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  • Nation’s Attic is the #1 buyer of Mark V antique diving helmets. We represent collectors from around the world, allowing us to make immediate offers on just about any vintage Mark V diving helmet. No matter where in the world you are located, we make the transaction very safe and easy.

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