How do volcanoes develop underwater?

Orlando Roob asked a question: How do volcanoes develop underwater?
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🌊 Dangers of underwater volcanoes and land volcanoes?

All volcanoes have some dangers, of course. Some underwater volcanoes can lead to tsunamis or other forms of water disasters. Land volcanoes spit ouot hot ash and lava and molten rock, and smoke as well, so much so that you could be burned alive by boiling hot ash, choked to death by smoke or gas or burned by lava, or even crushed by falling rock.

🌊 Are most volcanoes underwater?

More than 70 percent of all volcanic eruptions occur underwater and scientists are in the dark when it comes to understanding underwater volcanoes because the eruptions are cloaked from view by thousands of feet of water.

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🌊 Are there volcanoes underwater?

More than 70 percent of all volcanic eruptions occur underwater and scientists are in the dark when it comes to understanding underwater volcanoes because the eruptions are cloaked from view by thousands of feet of water.

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They are developed the same way they're developed out of water.

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Is some volcanoes underwater?

Currently there are over five thousand active volcanoes underwater varying from ones larger than any on the surface to cones no larger than an automobile. go to:

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What are underwater volcanoes?

submarine volcano

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What causes underwater volcanoes?

the earths core ozes out magma and then throw the underwater volcano

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What forms underwater volcanoes?

== Underwater volcanoes are formed at 'hot spots' in the Earth's mantle, as in the Hawaiian Island chain, or in deep sea trenches, where oceanic crust is subducting under oceanic crust, melting when it reaches the mantle, then erupting as a volcano.

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Who studies underwater volcanoes?

  • Carey has probably felt that way a lot lately. Not only does she study volcanoes for a living — making her part of a laughably tiny fraternity to begin with — she’s a submarine volcanologist, one of a handful in the world who study those underwater behemoths thousands of leagues beneath the sea.

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Are there more land volcanoes than underwater volcanoes?

There are thousands of underwater volcanoes all over the place, especially Hawaii! i think there are are land volcanoes than underwater volcanoes

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Are underwater volcanoes larger than volcanoes on land?

no,underwater volcanoes are smaller then volcanoes on land.

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Are underwater volcanoes more dangerous than land volcanoes?

No, because land volcanoes can shoot debris around while an underwater volcano is being held back by water pressure. It is really quite simple.

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Are volcanoes on land or volcanoes underwater more dangerous?

I'd say land volcanoes. They can destroy homes on land and underwater volcanoes can help make more land, like in Hawaii. And underwater volcanoes can also kill fish but they would most likely not live around them. no thay are no beause the sea ones do not kill any one because they are thousends of miles down

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How are underwater volcanoes different from above ground volcanoes?

Underground volcanoes don't erupt as much as aboveground volcanoes and some of the volcanoes are extinct.

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Are there any underwater volcanoes?

  • Geologists have identified more than 5,000 active underwater volcanoes, which account for more than 75% of the total lava that erupts every year. Most of these are located along the mid-ocean...

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Are there underwater super volcanoes?

cartoon underwater volcano tsunami underwater volcano

Alaska's Yellowstone: Underwater supervolcano capable of 'world-changing' eruption found.

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Can underwater volcanoes kill you?

Yes it can kill you, but not by the molten lava but by the waves that the eruption make or called "tsunami"

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Do most volcanoes happen underwater?

I believe so, it's very interesting, isn't it?

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Do people name underwater volcanoes?


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Do underwater volcanoes cause earthquakes?

aswer my flippin question

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Do underwater volcanoes erupt lava?

cartoon underwater volcano real underwater volcano

A volcanic eruption of superheated magma (some 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit) from the West Mata Volcano produces a bright flash of hot magma that is blown up into the water before settling back to the seafloor. The explosion throws ash and rock into the water, and molten lava glows below.

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Do underwater volcanoes evaporate water?

What do you need to know about volcanoes under water?

  • Underwater volcano facts for kids inform us that a volcano is one the most destructive forces on the earth. However, a volcano is also described as a constructive force, as it helps build up earth’s surface features. Important Facts about Underwater Volcanoes Volcanoes located under water are also known as submarine volcanoes.

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Do volcanoes only exist underwater?

Submarine volcanic eruptions are characteristic of the rift zones where crustal plates are being formed… Most seafloor spreading centers lie at depths exceeding 2,000 meters (1.2, miles) and, as a consequence, approximately three-quarters of all volcanic activity on Earth occurs as deep, underwater eruptions.

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Does antarctica have underwater volcanoes?

Yes, a string of dozens of volcanoes were found in the ocean in 2011. Several of them have been active.

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