How do you beat the submarine level in lego marvel?

Jules Murazik asked a question: How do you beat the submarine level in lego marvel?
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Reach to Doctor Doom's submarine and defeat all enemies hidden there, so you can finally smash the crack located on the vessels surface. Hit it with Thor's hammer to end this level.


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🌊 How to open the chest underwater in lego marvel 2?

  • Look below the water to find a locked structure with symbols outside. Press the switches in this order: Star, circle, hexagon, triangle, square. Then, you will need to pull the levers again to unlock the chest. The correct order is: triangle, circle, star, hexagaon, square.

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🌊 What is the sound level of a submarine?

  • A noise level of 180 dB is the roughly the noise level heard from a large container ship about 10 m away. Comparing the noise a conventional submarine whose sound level, at worst, would be little more than the background ocean noise, to a rock band indicates that someone may have misinterpreted the sound measurement scales.

🌊 What level in gta five do you need to get a submarine?

there is no submarine on gta 5

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Why submarine staylonger underwater?

their floating at a depth

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Why submarine were made?

Submarines are used both for military and rersearch purposes.

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Can captain marvel breathe underwater?

  • Steve Rogers/Captain America (Marvel Comics) possesses lung capacity that are beyond the natural limits of human's lung capacity. As he has shown to hold his breath for over an hour while underwater.

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Does marvel have an underwater hero?

The mutant son of a human sea captain and a princess of the mythical undersea kingdom of Atlantis, Namor possesses the super-strength and aquatic abilities of the Homo mermanus race, as well as the mutant ability of flight, along with other superhuman powers.

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Another name for a submarine?


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Are submarine cables still used?

Today, there are around 380 underwater cables in operation around the world, spanning a length of over 1.2 million kilometers (745,645 miles)… Yet as the internet has become more mobile and wireless, the amount of data traveling across undersea cables has increased exponentially.

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Can a submarine explode underwater?

An underwater explosion is an obvious potential threat to a nearby submarine as consequent strong shock waves can lead to the structural failure of the submarine hull. However, explosions are not the only sources of such shock waves.

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Can a submarine shoot underwater?

As regards torpedoes or missiles, yes, the submarine has weapons that can be launched underwater.

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Did a russian submarine sink?

The nuclear-powered Project 949A Antey (Oscar II class) submarine Kursk (Russian: Project 949A Антей Atomnaya Podvodnaya Lodka "Kursk" (APL "Kursk")) sank in an accident on 12 August 2000 in the Barents Sea, during the first major Russian naval exercise in more than ten years, and all 118 personnel on board were killed ...

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Does a submarine roll underwater?

The submarines themselves are not too likely to roll over. No more so than a normal ship. However, and this is a big however, while a submarine dives or surfaces, there is a point that it is very unstable.

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How are submarine fan made?

Abyssal Fans, also known as deep-sea fans, underwater deltas, and submarine fans, are underwater structures that look like deltas formed at the end of many large rivers, such as the Nile or Mississippi Rivers. Abyssal fans are also thought of as an underwater version of alluvial fans.

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How deep are submarine pipelines?

For both anchoring methods: when the anchor weight of the ship is between 3 and 8 tons, the required effective burial depth of the submarine pipelines is between 1 and 2.2 m; when the anchor weight of the ship is between 8 and 12 tons, the required effective burial depth of the submarine pipelines is between 1.9 and ...

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How do you spell submarine?

That is the correct spelling for "submarine" (underwater, or underwater vehicle).

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How does submarine go underwater?

nuclear submarine submarine cartoon

To control its buoyancy, the submarine has ballast tanks (see picture) that can be filled with water or filled with air… When the submarine dives, water is pumped into the ballast tanks to replace the air. This makes the density of the submarine greater than the density of the water and the submarine sinks.

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How does submarine work underwater?

A submarine (or any boat) can float when the mass of water that it displaces (pushes out of the way) is equal to the mass of the boat. This displaced water causes an upward force called buoyancy. Buoyancy acts in the opposite direction to gravity, which would pull the ship down.

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How is a submarine powered?

Modern submarines are powered by a nuclear reactor. Others are powered by diesel engines while they are on the surface and batteries while they are submerged. The older ones that were powered by diesel and batteries had their limitations. While they were on the surface running on diesel engines they left a trail of exhaust smoke which gave away their position. When they were submerged and running on batteries they could only last so long and then they had to come to the surface, run the diesel engines and recharge the batteries. The submarines that are run by nuclear power do not have to resurface for a very, very long time.

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How long submarine stay underwater?

navy submarine nuclear submarines

How long can an average submarine stay under water?

  • Submarines generally stock a 90-day supply of food, so they can spend three months underwater. The diesel-powered submarines (not now used by the United States Navy) had a limit of several days submerged. They couldn't run the air-breathing engines while fully submerged and had to rely on battery power and electric motors when underwater.

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What is a submarine drone?

  • Anti-submarine drones are Unmanned surface vehicles designed to stalk and hunt submarines. They are an emerging technology with a prototype ACTUV being designed by DARPA as a potentially smaller, more efficient Anti-submarine warfare capability for the United States Navy.

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What power a submarine underwater?

Either a nuclear reactor or batteries.

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Which submarine can go deepest?

Victor Vescovo set a new deep-diving record and is the first human to make multiple dives, solo, to its depths in the DSV Limiting Factor (Triton 36000/2 model submersible) the world's deepest diving, currently operational submarine.

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Are submarine cables damaging the environment?

Despite the small physical size of optical cable activities, such as surveying of cable routes, laying, protecting and repairing submarine cables may cause pollution or harmful changes to the marine environment.

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