How do you choose an underwater strobe?

Lucile Buckridge asked a question: How do you choose an underwater strobe?
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Pick an underwater strobe based on your style of photography looking at important features such as power (listed as Guide Number), beam angle, and recycle speed. If you typically shoot wide angle underwater photography, then you might want to look at more powerful strobes with wider beams.


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  • An external underwater strobe, also known as an underwater flash, is very important in underwater photography. It allows you to reduce backscatter, and enables you to try different lighting options. After a camera housing, it should be your first purchase. Inon, Ikelite and Sea & Sea are popular makers of underwater strobes.

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  • The higher the guide number, the stronger the strobe. The precise formula for guide number = distance * F-stop. For example, a strobe with a stated guide number of 20 (meters, above water) might have a guide number of 10 underwater.

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