How do you dive underwater in assassin's creed black flag?

Christian Ryan asked a question: How do you dive underwater in assassin's creed black flag?
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Assassin's creed 4 black flag underwater exploration & kills

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As the name suggests, the device is basically a giant bell-shaped anchor that traps enough air underwater to sustain a diver for long periods of time. After the bell has been lowered, Edward can dive underwater and go search out treasure or other sunken goodie and then return to the bell for respite when he needs air.


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🌊 Black flag how to dive underwater?

  • Swim towards the hatch and open it up and then dive down and open the chest to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, the hatch will be blocked and you'll need to swim through the cavern. Swim through the caverns and get to the nearest air pocket to refill on air and then continue swimming to the other side.

🌊 How do you go underwater in assassins creed 4?

You must first get to the mission with the diving bell and then you can go to diving locations

🌊 Where can you perform a 25 meter dive in assassins creed brotherhood?

Dive into the water from the leap of faith post on top of the main assassin tower (where machiavelli is) . . . that's how I got that achievement

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How to get the diving bell- assassins creed black flag

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  • In today's tutorial I show you how you can swim or dive underwater on Assassin's Creed Origins (for Ps4, Xbox One and PC user). ✘ As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. These are affiliate links. If you buy a product after clicking the link, I get a provision. You pay the same amount of money as usually. Loading...
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To dive, run towards ledge, press jump as you are reaching ledge and press action button, even though nothing will be shown on the screen. Note that Link cannot stay underwater even after diving from up high.

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Assassins creed 4 gameplay: underwater gameplay, stealth How to dive underwater sekiro?

The Mibu Breathing Technique is a latent skill, meaning players don't have to manually equip it after unlocking it. Once they have it, they can visit any deep body of water and press the right bumper (R1 on PS4 and RB on Xbox One) to dive underwater and start swimming.

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  • Link won't be doing much, if any, under water exploration in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Diving isn't doable unless jumping from a high ledge, and even then his reach under water is very limited.
Where is dive underwater sekiro?
  • The boss Sekiro players have to beat to dive underwater is the Corrupted Monk. The Corrupted Monk is located in Mibu Village, just beyond the Ashina Depths – Water Mill Sculptor's Idol save point.

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Assassin's creed 4 - underwater shipwreck - devil's eye caverns