How do you swim underwater in gta 5?

Ivory O'Keefe asked a question: How do you swim underwater in gta 5?
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Video answer: Gta 5: how to swim underwater (gameplay w/ commentary)

Gta 5: how to swim underwater (gameplay w/ commentary)

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Press the R1 button (PS3), the RB button (Xbox 360), or the Q key (PC), and your character will dive below the surface. Once underwater, swim using the same controls that you would use on the surface.

  • 1. Use the left stick or WASD keys on PC to swim directionally while on the surface. 2. Tap X on Playstation, A on Xbox, or Shift on PC to swim faster. 3. Press R1 on Playstation, RB on Xbox, or the Spacebar on PC to dive underwater. 4. Press down on the left stick (or the S key on PC) to swim up. 5.


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Gta 5 online - how to breathe underwater forever!

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