How does scuba diving affect your body?

Darrell Wiegand asked a question: How does scuba diving affect your body?
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Scuba diving exposes you to many effects, including immersion, cold, hyperbaric gases, elevated breathing pressure, exercise and stress, as well as a postdive risk of gas bubbles circulating in your blood. Your heart's capacity to support an elevated blood output decreases with age and with disease.


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What is a certified scuba diver?

  • A certified diver is someone who’s taken a diving course and learned how to set up and use the equipment, how to cope with different situations underwater, what the hand signals are and (most importantly) what not to do.

🌊 What is scuba diving in fiji like?

  • Scuba Diving in Fiji is outstanding. Jean-Michel Cousteau has been quoted as calling Fiji the “Soft Coral Capital of the World” and it is here that he created his first dive resort. Three hundred and ninety species of soft and hard corals plus over 1200 fish species have created what may be the most colorful reefs in the world.

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The beauty of Cambodia is the wealth of diving sites that this destination has to offer. From tiny seahorses to huge whale sharks, the marine life is incredible. One of the most unusual and exciting dives to go on is Koh Kon, found tucked between the two larger islands of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem.

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  • Scuba diving is mostly conducted in the warmer southern region, where divers will find coral reefs and tropical marine life, similar to those found in Indonesia. Visitors may find the language barrier in China to be challenging.

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  • If you are looking for a great scuba diving experiance in Croatia, Dubrovnik is definitely the best choice. There are plenty of wonderful diving sites in the Adriatic sea, but the underwater world around Dubrovnik is one of the finest with its amazing flora and fauna.

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With water temperatures remaining pleasantly above 25C well into October, Cyprus has a longer diving season than most of its competitors nearby. The clarity of the sea, often vital to good diving, is also excellent. Visibility of more than 30 meters is not uncommon and seas are also usually calm.

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  • With coral reefs comparable to the Red Sea and an abundance of sea creatures large and small, scuba diving in Oman is an attractive prospect. WHAT CAN YOU SEE? Oman’s underwater realm supports fascinating life of all shapes and sizes.

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  • Scuba diving gift card is a perfect present for birthdays, holidays and special occasions. Give your friends and loved ones the Gift of Scuba Diving. Our PADI Centre is fully stocked dive shop for all water-lover’s needs. Masks, fins, rash-guards and t-shirts.

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Where can you dive in Taiwan?

  • Taiwan has five major diving regions with fantastic visibility and varied marine life year-round. In Kenting divers enjoy shore and boat diving in warm waters. The marine park boasts 1100 marine species and 80 species of coral. Barracuda are common, while rarer sightings include humpback whales.

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  • Thomas started diving during college and has since been diving over most of the world: Australia, Indonesia, Iceland, France, and many other places. He is a NAUI instructor and a commercial diver, and participates in environmental and archeological diving projects around the world.
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