How long can a tortoise stay underwater?

Devan McGlynn asked a question: How long can a tortoise stay underwater?
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Can Tortoises Survive Underwater. The short answer is “no”. Although sea turtles have evolved to hold their breath for as long as seven seven hours, most land-dwelling tortoise species cannot hold their breath for more than a few minutes and will drown if left in deep water for very long.

How long can sea turtles stay underwater?

  • And sea turtles usually can stay for 7 or more hours underwater without any problem. Even if two turtles belong to the same species it doesn’t mean that they can spend the same amount of time underwater.

How long can a tortoise hold its breath underwater?

  • And there, very often in a matter of minutes, it will die. Because the truth is, while they’re generally slightly better at holding their breath than we are, the usual amount of time a tortoise can hold its breath, and thus survive underwater, is between 1-3 minutes. You’ve seen how fast a tortoise moves on land, right?

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