How long can grey whales stay underwater?

Natalia Koch asked a question: How long can grey whales stay underwater?
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On deep dives, a whale's heart rate slows down by half (to only 4 or 5 beats per minute). The blood flow is restricted. This adaptation means that the whale uses its oxygen supply very slowly. A gray whale can stay underwater for up to 25 minutes, but normally it stays under three to five minutes.

What's the average life span of a gray whale?

  • The average and maximum lifespan of gray whales is unknown, although one female was estimated at 75 to 80 years old after death. Gray whales are at high risk of becoming entangled in fishing gear.

How long can a gray whale stay under water without coming up for air? An adult gray whale can stay submerged up to 20-30 minutes. Do gray whales have teeth? No, the gray whale is in the sub-order Mysticeti; the Mysticeti whales have a baleen instead of teeth.

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