How to choose underwater strobes?

Daisy Koelpin asked a question: How to choose underwater strobes?
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Pick an underwater strobe based on your style of photography looking at important features such as power (listed as Guide Number), beam angle, and recycle speed. If you typically shoot wide angle underwater photography, then you might want to look at more powerful strobes with wider beams.


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🌊 How do you use underwater strobes?

  1. Test your strobe at home, in a dimly lit room, and make sure it works correctly on different power settings.
  2. Go for a dive, and do the following: with the strobe off, take a test shot…
  3. Turn the strobe on, and verify you get different results on low power and full power.

🌊 Do you need underwater strobes while snorkeling?

  • You do not need underwater lighting for taking pictures while snorkelling. But, you can increase the ambient light underwater using a strobe or the camera flash feature. This is especially useful if it is a cloudy day or you are in choppy seas. Snorkeling Tips for Shallow Water Photography

🌊 What are the different types of underwater strobes?

  • Underwater strobes could be roughly divided into two categories. Powerful, larger and more expensive ones that are good for both wide-angle and close-up photography and smaller, less powerful ones that can be mostly used for close-up photography.

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How to choose the best strobe for underwater photography?
  • Pick an underwater strobe based on your style of photography looking at important features such as power (listed as Guide Number), beam angle, and recycle speed. If you typically shoot wide angle underwater photography, then you might want to look at more powerful strobes with wider beams. Macro photographers can get by with less powerful strobes.
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because they are

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