Is scuba diving safe in tarkarli?

Dillan Leannon asked a question: Is scuba diving safe in tarkarli?
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Is scuba diving safe in Tarkarli? Yes, Tarkarli Scuba Diving is safe. All sorts of safety precautions are taken and safety gears are in place to ensure your safety. Moreover, you always have assistance from a professional diver.

How long does it take to scuba dive at Tarkarli?

  • It takes a total of 3 hours to complete scuba diving at Tarkarli. This time span includes 30 minutes of scuba diving + other activities such as reaching the diving site on a ferry or boat and getting back to the shore. This also includes time for getting in to your scuba diving dress.

Scuba diving at Tarkarli is a form of Modern scuba diving which is very safe and easy to learn. All basic skills can be learned in a couple of hours while doing Scuba diving at Tarkarli. There are several types of water sports and scuba diving at tarkarli.

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