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🌊 Is there an underwater volcano in the bermuda triangle?

yes,there is a volcano below some 5000miles approximately

🌊 An underwater volcano?


🌊 What does bermuda island look like underwater?

Where are the rest of the Bermuda Islands located?

  • Rest of the islands are scattered in the waters nearby. Bermuda is actually a volcanic rock created as a result of a volcanic eruption from the ocean floor some 100 million years back. From the sea floor up to 200 feet below the water surface, it's all volcanic rock.

🌊 What is an underwater volcano?

They are volcanoes underwater.SeamountsThe Santorini Volcano.

🌊 Is stromboli an underwater volcano?

No, the Stromboli volcano is on an island.

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What is the largest underwater volcano?

  • Tamu Massif is an extinct submarine shield volcano in the northwest Pacific Ocean, with the characteristics of a hybrid between a mid-ocean ridge and a shield volcano. On 5 September 2013, researchers announced that it could be a single volcano which, if corroborated, would make Tamu Massif the largest known volcano on Earth.

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Does fungi live in underwater volcano?

yes, there are families of fungi that have extremely high heat resistance.

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How does a underwater volcano erupt?

An underwater volcano erupts the same way as one located above the water does. The main difference is that the under water volcano cools off quicker because of the water.

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What is an underwater volcano called?

An underwater volcano is called a submarine volcano.

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When was krakatau underwater volcano last active?

Anak Krakatoa
Age of rockHolocene – very recent
Mountain typeCaldera
Last eruptionApril 2020

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What causes an underwater volcano to erupt?

The tectonic plates shifting is what causes an underwater volcano to erupt. Plate shifting is also the cause of tsunamis and earthquakes.

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What happens if an underwater volcano erupts?

A volcanic eruption of superheated magma (some 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit) from the West Mata Volcano produces a bright flash of hot magma that is blown up into the water before settling back to the seafloor. The explosion throws ash and rock into the water, and molten lava glows below.

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What is an extinct underwater volcano called?


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Where would you find a volcano underwater?

you would find a volcanoe underwater in southampton in brochenhurst and in hampshire in america in england and finally in uranus

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What is the most active underwater volcano?

  • The most active undersea volcano in the world. Kavachi is one of the most active underwater volcanoes in the world, located in the South Pacific near the Solomon Islands. Share on FacebookEmail This VideoSubscribe For Emails

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What forms when an underwater volcano erupts?

When magma reaches the level of the seafloor, it meets cold ocean water and quickly cools to form basaltic rock, often termed “pillow lava” due to its rounded shape… Continued volcanism in one area can build up to form underwater mountains called seamounts or even islands that breach the ocean surface.

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How big is the largest underwater volcano?

Scientists discovered the 2,690-foot-tall (820 meters) volcano in the western Indian Ocean, off Madagascar, following a puzzling spate of earthquakes that struck near what is normally a seismically quiet area.

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What is the worlds largest underwater volcano?


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What happens when a volcano forms underwater?

well when its form underwater eventually it will erupt causeing it to make land form around it :)

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What is the most dangerous underwater volcano?

Which is the most dangerous volcano in the world? The quick answer: Vesuvius volcano in the Gulf of Naples, Italy.

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What animals live near a underwater volcano?


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What happens when an underwater volcano erupts?

It releases nutrients into the water and the lava cools. It can Also cause a tsunami. A tsunami is a giant wave that washes away entire cities. >:o

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What does an underwater volcano look like?

an under water valcano looks like an under water valcano

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How hot can an underwater volcano be?

1,250 Celsius

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When and where underwater volcano took place?

Many places, many times.

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How big can a underwater volcano get?

375 feet tall

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An underwater volcano with a sliced top?


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What can live in an underwater volcano?

Species That Thrive Near Marine Volcanoes

Pioneering hydrothermal bacteria provide food for small invertebrates, such as amphipods, shrimp and crabs. The most popular animals and probably the most successful in this environment are the worms.

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What do you call an underwater volcano?


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Is underwater gas to be blamed for the bermuda triangle?

It is not officially the reason behind it, it is one of the natural (not supernatural) options. It is commonly used with other natural processes like tornadoes and storms.

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How many islands can one underwater volcano form?

One volcano can form one island normally. If it collapses into a caldera it could form a group of three or four.

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Is it possible to detect an underwater volcano?

  • Absence of boiling sound makes it difficult to detect an underwater eruption, even with the help of hydrophones. These days, remote operated vehicles are used to study the effects and patterns of underwater volcanic eruptions.

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Is a mid-ocean ridge an underwater volcano?

Yes, since it is located in the middle of the ocean, like the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, it is located underwater. A ridge can have more than one underwater volcano.

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What is underwater volcano with flat top is?


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Is there an underwater volcano in the caribbean?

  • A team of scientists is exploring the darkest corners of a huge underwater volcano in the Caribbean in hopes of better understanding the mysteries of earthquakes and tsunamis, ultimately saving lives.

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Can a large underwater volcano increase ocean temperatures?

  • Volcanic eruptions on the ocean floor have a minimal effect on water temperature and are unlikely to contribute to global warming. Quirks and Quarks 2:45 Can large underwater volcanoes increase ocean temperatures? Volcanic eruptions that occur underwater have a minimal effect on the temperature of the oceans. Dr.

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What is another name for an underwater volcano?

  • Volcanoes located under water are also known as submarine volcanoes. There are at least 1,500 active volcanoes on the surface of the earth, but it is estimated that there may be more than 10,000 volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean alone.

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What is the underwater version of a volcano?

  • Submarine volcanoes are underwater vents or fissures in the Earth 's surface from which magma can erupt. Many submarine volcanoes are located near areas of tectonic plate formation, known as mid-ocean ridges.

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Is a guyot a flat topped underwater volcano?

Yes, that is the definition of a guyot. Or perhaps limited to a 'mountain' until you know for certain that it was a volcano.

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What is the biggest underwater volcano on earth?

Its summit is about 1,980 m (6,500 ft) below the surface of the ocean, and its base extends to about 6.4 km (4.0 mi) deep. The volcano is about 4,460 metres (14,620 ft) tall. ...

Tamu Massif
TypeSeamount (underwater volcano), shield volcano
Age of rock144.6 ± 0.8 Ma

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What is a word for a volcano underwater?

A caldera...

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Can lava come out of an underwater volcano?

Yes. However, lava that erupts underwater cools very quickly.

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How many people died from underwater volcano loihi?

Loihi has not killed anyone as it is still thousands of feet underwater.

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How does an underwater volcano cause a tsunami?

  • An underwater volcano is any volcano that lives underwater until it breaks the water surface becoming an Island. A tsunami is a violent wave created by a violent disturbance in the seafloor. Volcanoes have only violent eruptions underwater which is how the create Tsunamis or any volcano...

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Is it possible for an underwater volcano to erupt?

  • Since most underwater volcanoes erupt at a depth of about 2200 meters below the sea level, where the pressure is more than 218 atmospheres, water cannot boil. Absence of boiling sound makes it difficult to detect an underwater eruption, even with the help of hydrophones.

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What is the name of an underwater volcano caldera?

  • Santorini caldera is a large, mostly submerged caldera, located in the southern Aegean Sea , 120 kilometers north of Crete in Greece. Visible above water is the circular Santorini island group, consisting of Santorini (classic Greek Thera), the main island, Therasia and Aspronisi at the periphery, and the Kameni islands at the center.

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How does a underwater volcano affect a human life?

it creates more land for human.

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Where did scientists go to study an underwater volcano?

  • In 2015, a team of scientists aboard the research vessel Roger Revelle sailed to the Havre eruption site 600 miles north of New Zealand with the mission of studying an underwater volcano relatively soon after it erupted. Through the lenses of cameras on the remotely operated vehicle Jason, an astonishing site was unveiled.

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What would happen if an underwater volcano kept erupting?

Eventually it would break through the surface of the ocean and then form an island.

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What is the biggest underwater volcano in the world?

The largest active underwater is Kolumbo, near Santorini Island

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Which underwater volcano will produce the next hawaiian island?

Lo'ihi Seamount

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Sharks that are living in an active underwater volcano?

But the first glimpse of this unique habitat through underwater cameras revealed a number sharks, including reef sharks, hammerheads and scalloped hammerheads. The discovery is the subject of National Geographic's new Sharkcano documentary. Kavachi is active, and eruptions are common.

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Does a tsunami happen when an underwater volcano erupts?

Some asymptotic estimations show that for typical parameters of observed surface eruptions, underwater volcanoes can generate catastrophic waves.

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Is a guyot is a flat-topped underwater volcano?

In marine geology, a guyot (pronounced /ɡiːˈjoʊ/), also known as a tablemount, is an isolated underwater volcanic mountain (seamount) with a flat top more than 200 m (660 ft) below the surface of the sea. The diameters of these flat summits can exceed 10 km (6.2 mi).

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What landform would form if an underwater volcano erupts?

An island

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