What are some examples of underwater predators?

Wendy Mueller asked a question: What are some examples of underwater predators?
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🌊 What are some examples of underwater consumers?

All fish, crabs, shell fish.

🌊 What are some producers underwater?

There is really only 1 major producer that lives underwater. These producers are called Phytoplankton and are the food source to many species of fish.

🌊 What are some underwater animals?

Check out these 9 sea creatures who are out of this world!

  • Feather Star. These crazy looking marine animals wave their “feathers” to get around underwater…
  • Glaucus Atlanticus. The glaucus atlanticus, aka…
  • Mantis shrimp…
  • Scotoplanes…
  • Dumbo Octopus…
  • Leafy Sea Dragon…
  • Hairy Frogfish…
  • Granrojo Jellyfish.

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sharks, barracudas, carp, any fish that eats other fish.

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What are some animals that breath underwater?

Amphibians and fish use gills, some fish have and air bladder. Mammals, reptiles, and birds have lungs.

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What are some decomposers that live underwater?


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What are some effects of underwater volcanoes?

  • Underwater volcanoes could have a long-term effect on Earth's climate cycles. A new study out of Columbia University shows that these hidden giants are not only tied to the Earth's orbit and tidal cycles, but also trigger climate swings.

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What are some names of underwater plants?


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What are some things that live underwater?

Some of the things that live in the sea are catfish, dolphins, starfish, coral, seaweed, kelp, sea otters, seal, whale, shark, jellyfish, puffer fish, sea turtle,

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What are some things underwater archaeologists find?

  • Antikythera. Classical finds from the Antikythera shipwreck…
  • Atlit-Yam. Ritual stone structure at Atlit-Yam Photograph: wikipedia/timesofisrael.com…
  • Pavlopetri. Ruins of the ancient Greek city of Pavlopetri…
  • Thonis-Heracleion. Egyptian hieroglyphics on a stele from Thonis-Heracleion.

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What are some types of underwater plants?

There are several types of underwater plants. Some of the plants are Amazon sword, water hedge, and water clover.

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Can some guns fire underwater?

No, you should never fire a gun underwater… There are some pretty common things that happen to guns underwater. Water causes issues with the ammunition, the action, and the projectile ballistics. Once you get your gun underwater, the barrel almost immediately fills up with water.

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Can some snakes breath underwater?

snakes swim underwater

Snakes do not have gills. However, they are excellent swimmers and can hold their breath for long periods, allowing them to stay underwater for longer than humans. Certain species, like sea snakes, have adaptations which allow them to survive underwater for even longer.

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Who are some underwater explorers?

Jacques Cousteau, Hans Hass, Llyod Bridges, Stan Waterman, all were famous underwater explorers.

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What does underwater mean in some empolyees' stock options are underwater?

It means that the strike price, which is the price you can buy your company's shares for, is higher than the market price such that there is no sense exercising your options for the shares at all.

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What are the release dates for underwater universe - 2011 predators of the deep 2-2?

Underwater Universe - 2011 Predators of the Deep 2-2 was released on: US 9 March 2011

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What are the predators of diving birds?

um if I'm correct the predators of diving birds are bigger birds than them and then any big fish in the water and crocodiles and alligators. hope this helps awnser your question :)

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What are some benefits for an underwater welder?

  • The American Welding Society reports that experienced underwater welders may earn $100,000 to $200,000 per year. Many companies provide benefits including health insurance and paid vacation.

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What are some brands for underwater camera cases?

There are several different underwater camera housing cases available. Some of the top brands are Cannon, Polaroid, GoPro, and DicaPac. It would be best to check with you cameras manufacture to see if they offer a waterproof case for your particular model.

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What are some dangers of underwater breath holding?

freediving underwater swimming pool

Holding your breath for too long underwater, especially while alone, can lead to fainting or blacking out while you are still underwater. This can happen even if you are in shallow water. This phenomenon is called a shallow water blackout or hypoxic blackout.

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What are some important facts about underwater volcanoes?

  • Underwater volcano facts for kids inform us that a volcano is one the most destructive forces on the earth. However, a volcano is also described as a constructive force, as it helps build up earth’s surface features. Important Facts about Underwater Volcanoes. Volcanoes located under water are also known as submarine volcanoes.

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What are some underwater creatures that aren't fish?

The 10 Weirdest Ocean Creatures – And Where to Find Them

  • Clown FrogFish. This strange creature from waters around Indonesia is bright yellow with red markings…
  • Sea Pen…
  • Blob Sculpin…
  • Red-Lipped Batfish…
  • Giant Spider Crab…
  • Giant Tube Worms…
  • Vampire Squid…
  • Leafy Seadragon.

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What are the locations of some underwater hotels?

The top underwater hotels are located throughout the world. The Jules Undersea Lounge is in Key Largo, Florida. The Poseidon Undersea Resort is located on the island of Fiji.

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How can some bubbles pop underwater?

These bubbles in my fish tank don't float to the top. They flow with the water and then 'pop' before reaching the surface. I couldn't believe my eyes. They popped and whatever was inside just vanished. I really don't know how to explain it further because it's so weird. One thing I could possibly see as a reason is that the bubbles are actually oil bubbles filled with water.

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Some people can see clearly underwater?

scuba scuba diving

You can't see well underwater because the water mostly cancels the focusing effect of the eye lenses. A lens is formed by having a curved surface between two media of different refractive index. A drop of water makes a lens, because of the different refractive index of water vs.

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