What are the limitations of underwater image datasets?

Haven Flatley asked a question: What are the limitations of underwater image datasets?
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  • Secondly, these datasets also have other shortcomings, e.g., too many similar images or incomplete labels. Towards these challenges we introduce a dataset, Detecting Underwater Objects (DUO), and a corresponding benchmark, based on the collection and re-annotation of all relevant datasets.


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🌊 Does particle suspension underwater affect underwater image quality?

  • 1. Introduction Particles suspended in the water lead to light absorption and scattering [1], which severely degrade captured underwater image quality, e.g., color distortion and contrast reduction.

🌊 What is the proposed method for underwater image enhancement?

  • The proposed method integrates deep learning and handcrafted image enhancement. The proposed method has a lightweight architecture for underwater image enhancement. The proposed method improves image contrast without over-enhancement. The proposed method has a lightweight architecture and efficient computation time.

🌊 Does pupil size affect image resolution underwater?

  • "On land, pupil size normally has little effect on resolution, and both groups of children were found to have the same pupil size. But underwater, when the image is severely blurred, a smaller pupil can significantly improve resolution.

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  • A lot of the editing for underwater images is done in the HSL panel. Although you want to avoid a blue colour cast on your subject, to convey the atmosphere of being underwater you normally want the background to be quite blue. The HSL panel is where you can make this happen.
Which is deep cnn method for underwater image enhancement?
  • To address this problem, this paper proposes an end to end framework for underwater image enhancement, where a CNN-based network called UIE-Net is presented. The UIE-net is trained with two tasks, color correction and haze removal. This unified training approach enables learning a strong feature representation for both tasks simultaneously.
How to make an underwater image with layers in photoshop?
  • Open the underwater image to make the base of the ocean. With clone stamp tool (S) clean the diver out of the image. Now using curves (CTRL/CMD + M), change the contrast like shown below. After that, make another curves with layer mask layer to give more depth to the ocean as the next image shows.
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  • What " ill-divining" image does Juliet see? Juliet sees an image or preminition of a ghostly, pale Romeo in a tomb. O God, I have an ill-divining soul. Methinks I see thee now, thou art so low As one dead in the bottom of a tomb.
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  • For these divers, the only potential limitations on a future of diving are physical or mental age-related problems that could hinder underwater safety. Regular medical check-ups ensure a sufficient level of diving fitness, but a medical professional should immediately evaluate symptoms like chest pains,...
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  • There Are No Scuba Age Restrictions for Adult Divers, Just Health Restrictions. All scuba diving lovers and those who want to start practicing this sport while not as young, should be congratulated. They will be never too old to dive!
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  • underwater (ˈʌndəˈwɔːtə) adj 1. (Physical Geography) being, occurring, or going under the surface of the water, esp the sea: underwater exploration. 2. (Nautical Terms) nauticalbelow the water line of a vessel
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  • Shellfish. A lobster out looking for food…
  • Fish. Pink anemone fish among a blue anemone patch in the warm, tropical waters of Guam, USA…
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  • Commonly a fifty-fifty mixture of rust and aluminum powder, thermite requires the high temperatures of a burning strip of magnesium to light, but once it gets started it's almost impossible to extinguish. It can burn through pavement, melt through engine blocks, and even stay on fire underwater.
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  • Other people that do not typically float when swimming underwater have a different buoyancy level from you. Rather than being positively buoyant, they generally tend to have a neutral buoyancy slightly underneath the water’s surface. However, there are rare exceptions where a person may be negatively buoyant.
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  • 1. situated, occurring, or done beneath the surface of water: "there are underwater volcanoes in the region"
  • 2. submerged; flooded: "the causeway was under water"
  • 3. (of a loan) having a balance that exceeds the current market value of the loan: US "an epidemic of underwater mortgages"
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Creatures and Plants

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  • Underwater invertebrates can ferry pollen between flowers, in the same way that bees and other animals pollinate plants on land. Seagrasses provide food and a habitat for everything from microscopic crustaceans to manatees, and stabilise coasts by anchoring sediment with their roots.
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  • Underwater Noise Pollution (UNP) What is UNP? UNP is intense human-generated noise in the marine environment. It is caused by use of explosives, oceanographic experiments, geophysical research, underwater construction, ship traffic, intense active sonars and air guns used for seismic surveys for oil and related activities.
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Season 5 • Episode 4.

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This volcanic activity ends up creating seamounts below the surface of the ocean. When these seamounts continue to grow and finally break the surface of the ocean, they are then known as islands.

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what kind of animals live in the water and information about animals Blue whales, killer whales, fish, dolphins, plankton and many more.

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Aerodynamics deals with the properties of moving air. Hydrodynamics deals with the properties of moving water. Both hydrodynamics and aerodynamics are branches of fluid dynamics, the science of moving fluids, as both air and water are fluids.

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A bubble is a globule of one substance in another, usually gas in a liquid. Due to the Marangoni effect, bubbles may remain intact when they reach the surface of the immersive substance.

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  • (iii) Underwater plants: Some plants like pondweed, tape-grass, hydrilla, etc. are some common plants which live and grow under water completely. They are called underwater or submerged plants. Their roots fix them in the muddy soil. These plants have narrow, thin leaves without pores.
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  • A cable layer or cable ship is a deep-sea vessel designed and used to lay underwater cables for telecommunications, electric power transmission, or other purposes.
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  • What are Underwater Cameras? Underwater cameras are cameras which are either designed specifically for underwater use or housed in a protective device to guard against water and pressure damage. They come in a number of forms, with prices ranging across the entire spectrum of normal camera pricing.
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caves under water! lol