What are the two major regions of land underwater?

Burnice Harris asked a question: What are the two major regions of land underwater?
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🌊 What does land look like underwater?

How to see the ocean floor from the surface?

  • First you will need to get into a deep ocean submersible and dive almost 4 miles under the surface of the Pacific Ocean to the sea floor. Graphic depicting satellite captured, bathymetric data of the western Atlantic Ocean Basin and its ocean floor features. (NOAA's National Environmental Satellite and Information Service)

🌊 What land animal can walk underwater?

any that can hold there breath and have legs

🌊 What land animal is born underwater?

She is comfortable giving birth in water or on land. If the baby is born underwater, the mother needs to push it to the surface to breathe. Newborn hippos are only able to hold their breath for about 40 seconds at a time.

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ocean basin and the conitentel margin.

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Can land snails breathe underwater?

Can snails breathe underwater?

  • Aquatic and algae eating snails are of course able to breathe underwater as they reside here and breathe using their gills. Terrestrial snails such as your average garden snail however cannot breathe if placed under water and will most likely drown.
Can land snails live underwater?

Land snails cannot live underwater as they need to breathe air like any other land animal. This is true despite the similarities between land snails and water snails.

Can land snails survive underwater?
  • However, there are some land snails that can hold their breath underwater. There are so many types of snails that experts have a hard time identifying how long land snails can survive underwater, but most say they last under 24 hours .
Can land spiders breathe underwater?

Since spiders do not actively breathe and cannot hold their breath when underwater, why can they survive these things better than other bugs? ... This does not work long-term, but spiders can go for many minutes fully submerged.

Can you land underwater nms?

Yes, you can land your ship in water!

Do land tortoises sleep underwater?
  • Land tortoises and land turtles can spend the majority of the day sleeping. Aquatic turtles usually sleep underwater, although some sleep on dry land (such as the basking platform). Regardless of where your turtle likes to sleep expect it to pick a spot and stick to it.
What animals can breathe underwater and on land?

What is an amphibian? Amphibians are vertebrates (animals with backbones) which are able, when adult, to live both in water and on land. Unlike fish, they can breathe atmospheric oxygen through lungs, and they differ from reptiles in that they have soft, moist, usually scale-less skin, and have to breed in water.

What bird swims underwater and flies above land?

I am not sure of the name, But I've heard them called 'water turkey'

What european country land mass is half underwater?

The Netherlands would be half underwater if it were not for the system of pumps and dykes throughout the country. The question, which has been asked before, is more properly stated "Which European country is half below sea level?"

What fish can breathe underwater and on land?

The northern snakehead is a long, blotchy-patterned fish that can breathe on land and travel on the ground by wriggling its slippery body. But those might not be the species' most nightmarish qualities.

Can a land snake bite underwater?

Snakes can bite you underwater, but usually only if they're provoked or if they feel threatened… As recommended by the University of Florida Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, always leave snakes alone if you come across one in the water or on land.

Can any land animals breathe underwater?

Most animals that live in the water have gills. Yet, many mammals, birds, insects, amphibians and reptiles also live in the water and dive to get some food. They have lungs, which are not suited to breathing underwater.

What is the difference between land and underwater volcanoes?

Land Volcanoes eat lamas and underwater volcanoes eat camals

Can a land hermit crab live underwater?

No way

Can a land hermit crab survive underwater?

No they can go under for about a minute.

Can aquaman breathe on land and underwater?
  • Aquaman Can Breathe Underwater For One Disgusting Reason. If comic book nuts were hoping the Aquaman movie would explain his ability to breathe both on land and underwater, we've got good news and bad news. The explanation is a simple one... but more disgusting than Aquaman fans expected.
Can frogs breathe underwater and on land?
  • As they mature, frogs lose their gills but are still able to breathe. Instead of breathing through their gills, they start to breathe through their skin. Importantly, this "skin breathing" can happen either on land (taking oxygen from the air) or underwater (taking oxygen from the water).
Can land hermit crab switch shell underwater?

no they don't live in the water so they can't switch shels there

Can land snails hold their breath underwater?
  • They gave gills that allow them to do so. However, there are some land snails that can hold their breath underwater. There are so many types of snails that experts have a hard time identifying how long land snails can survive underwater, but most say they last under 24 hours.
Can underwater cameras be used on land?

Nice question...:) Yes..., BUT, underwater cameras are essentially designed for use underwater, so it also has bulky protective casings which keeps the camera watertight and protects it from getting soaked. So a simple photo shoot would involve you carrying and using bulky large cameras. Yes, it can be used without difficulty. If the waterproof housing is plastic, however, you may lose some focus quality. If the lens iris is adjustable, use a high number to close the lens and increase the quality to make up for it.

Dangers of underwater volcanoes and land volcanoes?

All volcanoes have some dangers, of course. Some underwater volcanoes can lead to tsunamis or other forms of water disasters. Land volcanoes spit ouot hot ash and lava and molten rock, and smoke as well, so much so that you could be burned alive by boiling hot ash, choked to death by smoke or gas or burned by lava, or even crushed by falling rock.

Do crocodiles sleep underwater or on land?

How long can a crocodile stay under water?

  • Easily 20 to 30 minutes and they can stay under from 1 hour to 24 hours if necessary and conditions are right. They prepare slowly to stay underwater for those long period by slowing their heart beat, temperature, etc. How long can a crocodile hold its breath underwater? Crocodiles cannot breathe underwater: they breathe air, just like people.