What do predaceous diving beetles eat?

Bertrand Gulgowski asked a question: What do predaceous diving beetles eat?
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  • Regarding this, what do predaceous diving beetles eat? Adults and larvae are predators of other insects. They eat frogs, toads, salamanders and small fish. The larvae, called “water tigers,” have fierce appetites.

As their name implies, these beetles are predatory; that is, they eat other creatures — mainly bugs, although an occasional tadpole or small fish is not uncommon for the larger ones. The adults are very good swimmers and catch most of their prey live, eating it whole or in pieces.

  • NUTRITION Predaceous diving beetles are primarily carnivores, but will eat certain underwater plants if need be. Normally, when the diving beetle waits for its prey, it rears back and opens its mandibles wide, waiting for the prey to come close enough for it to strike.

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Predaceous diving beetles will eat tadpoles, salamander larvae, and other aquatic insects.

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