What forms lava underwater?

Tod Greenfelder asked a question: What forms lava underwater?
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🌊 Can lava be underwater?

  • What Types of Lava Flows Are There Underwater? Lava erupting on the deep sea floor has a form most like pahoehoe flows. Three types of lava flows are common on the sea floor: pillow lava, lobate lava, and sheet lava.

🌊 How does underwater lava differ from surface lava?

it doesn't

🌊 How might underwater lava differ from surface lava?

  • Lava flows from underwater cracks at mid-ocean ridges, so the water cools lava quickly. How might underwater lava differ from surface lava? underwater lava is cooled quickly by cool water, forming bubble-like lava, called pillow lava, but surface lava cools more slowly.

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An underwater volcano forms lava underwater.

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Can a lava lake still be red hot liquid underwater?

  • Water's critical point though is about 374°C. Meaning that water coming into contact with the lava lake will become a very hot (~1000°C) supercritical fluid, if the pressure down there is sufficiently high. Assuming the supercritical fluid is dense enough, it will not float to the top of the (water) lake.

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What is the land forms produced underwater caused by the movement of oceanic plate?

Mid oceanic ridges and deep sea trenches.

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Type of lava that erupts underwater and takes the form of round lumps?

Pillow lava

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What are the two forms if diving?

Springboard and platform.

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What energy forms are used when diving into pool?

kinetic energy

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What is a tsunami can be directly caused by 1) offshore surface ocean currents 2) gravitational effects of the moon 3) underwater earthquakes 4) underwater lava flows at mid-ocean ridges?

  1. underwater earthquakes... A tsunami is caused by a shift in the earth's crust under the ocean.

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The two forms of diving are spring board diving and?

Springboard and Platform.

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What is underwater?


  • 1. situated, occurring, or done beneath the surface of water: "there are underwater volcanoes in the region"
  • 2. submerged; flooded: "the causeway was under water"
  • 3. (of a loan) having a balance that exceeds the current market value of the loan: US "an epidemic of underwater mortgages"

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What lives underwater?

Creatures and Plants

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What animals live underwater?

what kind of animals live in the water and information about animals Blue whales, killer whales, fish, dolphins, plankton and many more.

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What are bubbles underwater?

A bubble is a globule of one substance in another, usually gas in a liquid. Due to the Marangoni effect, bubbles may remain intact when they reach the surface of the immersive substance.

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What are underwater caves?

caves under water! lol

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What are underwater channels?

Abyssal channels (also, deep-sea channels, underwater channels) are channels in Earth's sea floor. They are formed by fast-flowing floods of turbid water caused by avalanches near the channel's head, with the sediment carried by the water causing a build-up of the surrounding abyssal plains.

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What are underwater cribs?

Water cribs are offshore structures that collect water from close to the bottom of a lake to supply a pumping station onshore. The name crib is derived from the function of the structure—to surround and protect the intake shaft.

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What are underwater drones?

  • Unmanned underwater vehicles ( UUV ), sometimes known as underwater drones, are any vehicles that are able to operate underwater without a human occupant.

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What are underwater eels?

underwater eels of coursesearch it up on google

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What are underwater inspections?

underwater welding underwater drone

The purpose of routine underwater inspection is to provide the information necessary to evaluate the condition of the platform and appurtenances. In the absence of a risk-based SIM strategy, default inspection intervals, shown in Table 8.28, based on the consequence of platform failure, should be used.

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What are underwater landforms?

The Underwater landforms are the continentalshelf ,continental slope , continental rise , sea mounts , mid-ocean ridge ,abyssal plain , trench , and basin.

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What are underwater landslides?

"Underwater landslides are marine landslides that transport sediment across the continental shelf and into the deep ocean. A submarine landslide is initiated when the downwards driving stress (gravity and other factors) exceeds the resisting stress of the seafloor slope material causing movements along one or more concave to planer rupture surfaces." --Wikipedia

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What are underwater robots?

  • There are two kinds of underwater robots: remotely operated vehicles and autonomous underwater vehicles. Remotely operated vehicles (or ROVs) are connected to a cable that allows a human to control the robot from a ship or boat on the ocean surface or from within the robot.

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What are underwater rovs?

  • Underwater ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) are submersible, robotic systems, used to observe the depths of large bodies of water by operators from shore, or by divers in the water.

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What are underwater tornadoes?

There is no such thing as an actual tornado underwater, as a tornado is, by definition, a vortex of air. However, a vortex underwater is called a whirlpool.

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