What is a huge surface wave on the ocean caused by an underwater earthquake?

Orval Jaskolski asked a question: What is a huge surface wave on the ocean caused by an underwater earthquake?
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🌊 What is a huge wave caused by an underwater earthquake?

Tsunami, or Tidal Wave, is a large wave caused by an earthquake.

🌊 Tsunamis are huge ocean secondary waves caused by underwater earthquakes.?

  • Tsunamis are large ocean waves, usually caused by an undersea earthquake, a volcanic eruption, or coastal landslide, which can cause extreme damage. A tsunami can travel hundreds of miles over the open sea and cause extensive damage when it encounters land. They are also called tidal waves.

🌊 A large wave caused by an underwater earthquake or volcano?

A tsunami is an ocean wave triggered by large earthquakes that occur near or under the ocean, volcanic eruptions, submarine landslides, or by onshore landslides in which large volumes of debris fall into the water.

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Which ocean feature is an underwater mountain that does not reach the surface?

mid ocean ridges are underwater mountain ranges.

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What are underwater mountains caused by volcanoes?

they are seamounts

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What is caused by tectonic activity underwater?

They can create underwater volcanoes and they may eventually form volcanic islands like Hawaii.

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How do you get the huge materia underwater?

If the enemy submarine was shot down in the minigame, visiting the sunken submarine southwest of Junon at the Bottom of the Sea will grant the player one of the four Huge Materia items. The Gelnika is an optional underwater dungeon. The submarine must be directed west of Junon and through a gap to find it.

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What caused the loudest underwater sound ever recorded?

  • Scientists create the loudest underwater sound EVER: Record-breaking 270 decibels is same as two jet engines taking off Department of Energy made the discovery by effectively tasering jets of water This caused the water to vaporize and cumulatively create a 'shockwave train'

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What eats underwater plants in the ocean?

I think animal That live in the ocean

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How does an underwater earthquake form?

underwater volcano

A submarine, undersea, or underwater earthquake is an earthquake that occurs underwater at the bottom of a body of water, especially an ocean… When the rough spots can no longer hold, the sudden release of the built-up motion releases, and the sudden movement under the sea floor causes a submarine earthquake.

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How does underwater earthquake generate tsunamis?

Earthquakes don't generate tsunamis - a tsunami is caused by different atmospheric pressure systems coming together. An underwater earthquake would generate a tidal wave, which is caused by the water displaced by the earthquake.

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What happens when there is an earthquake underwater?

A Tsunami

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What happens when there is an underwater earthquake?

  • They can result in enormous loss of life and damage to buildings and infrastructure. An underwater earthquake is caused in the same way as any other earthquake but, depending on the magnitude and length, they can also cause tsunamis and huge tidal waves.

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What can happen if there is an earthquake underwater?

If there's a earthquake underwater, it can cause a tsunami.>> It can result in a Tsunami such as the 2011 earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tohoku ~ see link below .

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Can underwater building construction cause an earthquake?

No it makes the earthquake of how much feet the water if its like 6 to 7 or 8 it is a cause of tsunami

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Is the mid ocean ridge underwater?

Yes, it is deep under the Atlantic. Many oceans have similar undersea mountains and hills.

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Why lava cools rapidly along a mid-ocean ridge how might underwater lava differ from surface lava?

because it is

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Can an earthquake make an island go underwater?

Oh yes...easily ! Didn't you see 2012 ? Hawaii was sunk within minutes !

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How long can ocean ramsey stay underwater?

The trained free diver - who can hold her breath for six minutes and reach depths of 175 ft - went viral for the nail-biting moment.

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Are there guardian spawners in underwater ocean temples?

  • These guys only spawn underwater in ocean monuments. They’re stronger than the lesser Guardian, but there's a finite number of them in any given world. This is because they spawn when ocean monuments are generated, and there’s always just three in each one.

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How are underwater mountains formed in the ocean?

  • Voila, mountain. This same process forms an underwater mountain when it happens under an ocean. The other common way that underwater mountains are formed, especially along the Pacific Rim, is by volcanic hotspots which form underwater volcanoes. Hot magma + cold ocean water = the newest rock on the planet.

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How big is the ocean atlas underwater sculpture?

  • Ocean Atlas is the largest single sculpture ever to be deployed underwater. It reaches five metres up from the sea floor to the surface and weighs over sixty tonnes. Due to the sheer scale of the sculpture, it had to be assembled underwater in sections using an ambitious new technique developed and engineered by Jason deCaires Taylor.

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Mid-ocean ridges are actually underwater mountain ranges?


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