What is underwater fungus?

Joaquin Pollich asked a question: What is underwater fungus?
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  • When underwater, fungi are typically microscopic, though once they begin decomposing a plant or an animal, they grow a thick, visible gelatinous layer around the organic matter. This is much like the mold layers that grow on decomposing plants and animals on land.
  • Underwater Fungi: Exploring the Ecology of the Deep. For example, aquatic hyphomycetes (molds) are anamorphic fungi (fungi with an asexual reproductive stage) that survive in quick flowing waters by feeding on decaying leaves and woody fallout (1). Many of their spores often land in foams on the water surface (1).


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  • Shellfish. A lobster out looking for food…
  • Fish. Pink anemone fish among a blue anemone patch in the warm, tropical waters of Guam, USA…
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  • Invertebrates.

🌊 What grows underwater?

Seaweed, rice, kelp, fish, plants, & algea (just to name a few)

🌊 What is underwater?


  • 1. situated, occurring, or done beneath the surface of water: "there are underwater volcanoes in the region"
  • 2. submerged; flooded: "the causeway was under water"
  • 3. (of a loan) having a balance that exceeds the current market value of the loan: US "an epidemic of underwater mortgages"

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caves under water! lol

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What are underwater channels?

Abyssal channels (also, deep-sea channels, underwater channels) are channels in Earth's sea floor. They are formed by fast-flowing floods of turbid water caused by avalanches near the channel's head, with the sediment carried by the water causing a build-up of the surrounding abyssal plains.

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Underwater clowns are clowns that come from the taps....they are an idea of an amazing horror film,just ask my friend! so watch out, if that tap is dripping, you never know, an underwater clown might come out.....and heads up...They HATE phone chickens!!!

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Water cribs are offshore structures that collect water from close to the bottom of a lake to supply a pumping station onshore. The name crib is derived from the function of the structure—to surround and protect the intake shaft.

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  • Unmanned underwater vehicles ( UUV ), sometimes known as underwater drones, are any vehicles that are able to operate underwater without a human occupant.

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What are underwater eels?

underwater eels of coursesearch it up on google

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What are underwater inspections?

underwater welding underwater drone

The purpose of routine underwater inspection is to provide the information necessary to evaluate the condition of the platform and appurtenances. In the absence of a risk-based SIM strategy, default inspection intervals, shown in Table 8.28, based on the consequence of platform failure, should be used.

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What are underwater landforms?

The Underwater landforms are the continentalshelf ,continental slope , continental rise , sea mounts , mid-ocean ridge ,abyssal plain , trench , and basin.

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What are underwater landslides?

"Underwater landslides are marine landslides that transport sediment across the continental shelf and into the deep ocean. A submarine landslide is initiated when the downwards driving stress (gravity and other factors) exceeds the resisting stress of the seafloor slope material causing movements along one or more concave to planer rupture surfaces." --Wikipedia

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  • Underwater mountains are known as seamounts and are extinct volcanoes rising hundreds to thousands of meters above the seafloor. While active, these volcanoes create large piles of lava that make up underwater mountains. Sometimes these mountains rise above the surface of the ocean,...

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What are underwater plants?

Plants that live under the surface of the water.

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What are underwater producers?

underwater producers utilize energy from the sun and nutrients from the abiotic environment(carbon dioxide from the air or water, other nutrients from the soil or water) to performphotosynthesis and grow. such as algae and phytoplankton

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What are underwater ridges?

mid ocean ridge underwater underwater real life mid atlantic ridge

A mid-ocean ridge or mid-oceanic ridge is an underwater mountain range, formed by plate tectonics. This uplifting of the ocean floor occurs when convection currents rise in the mantle beneath the oceanic crust and create magma where two tectonic plates meet at a divergent boundary.

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What are underwater robots?

  • There are two kinds of underwater robots: remotely operated vehicles and autonomous underwater vehicles. Remotely operated vehicles (or ROVs) are connected to a cable that allows a human to control the robot from a ship or boat on the ocean surface or from within the robot.

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What are underwater rovs?

  • Underwater ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) are submersible, robotic systems, used to observe the depths of large bodies of water by operators from shore, or by divers in the water.

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What are underwater tornadoes?

There is no such thing as an actual tornado underwater, as a tornado is, by definition, a vortex of air. However, a vortex underwater is called a whirlpool.

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What are underwater vessels?


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What are underwater volcanoes?

submarine volcano

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What birds fly underwater?

Technically, nothing flies underwater. If a creature is moving underwater that is called swimming. Penguins are very good at it.

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What can burn underwater?

diving scuba diving

  • Sparklers can burn underwater, but the metal flame is much hotter than flame from a match, and even then, it has to be wrapped in tape to limit the amount of water that's in contact with it. So even if you saturated the water with enough oxygen to sustain combustion, I highly doubt that you can ignite anything in the water.

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What causes underwater canyons?


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What causes underwater caves?

diving scuba diving

Waves crashing against the base of a cliff can sometimes form a sea cave. Sea caves form along a crack in a rock or an area where the rock is softer. Because the abrasive action of waves is concentrated at the base of the cliff, an overhang forms… They are less commonly formed in harder rock such as granite.

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What causes underwater current?

  • Often caused by temperature differences that occur in deep water, undercurrents can also be caused by weather; underground rivers or springs that empty into a large body of water; or the flow of water through manmade structures such as dams.

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What causes underwater currents?

Why do ocean currents occur in the deep ocean?

  • These currents move water masses through the deep ocean—taking nutrients, oxygen, and heat with them. Occasional events such as huge storms and underwater earthquakes can also trigger serious ocean currents, moving masses of water inland when they reach shallow water and coastlines.

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