What subjects you need to become an underwater welder?

Sidney O'Reilly asked a question: What subjects you need to become an underwater welder?
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  • High school Diploma or GED Ability to swim Mechanical aptitude Commercial Diving Certification AWS Certified Welding Training
  • Welder-diver qualifications vary from project to project. Possessing the skills that are common to underwater welding operations, in addition to welding and diving, are recommended. These skills include: underwater cutting; fitting and rigging; inspection and nondestructive testing; drafting; and underwater photography.
  • What subjects do you need to do underwater welding? You must pass an intensive commercial diving course that will cover diving skills, underwater safety, emergency procedures, as well as many other physically and mentally testing aspects. You must of course, be certified as a welder. You must hold current, and extensive, certification in all types ]

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You have to have Math and Science for any kind of welding job includeing underwater welding

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