What was the nickname of the massive world war ii bomb that has been detonated underwater in poland?

Karina Rowe asked a question: What was the nickname of the massive world war ii bomb that has been detonated underwater in poland?
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The device -- nicknamed "Tallboy" and also known as an "earthquake bomb" -- was dropped by the Royal Air Force in an attack on a Nazi warship in 1945.


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🌊 Can c4 be detonated underwater?

Can You detonate a C4 with a rifle round?

  • Nope. Plastic explosives like C4 are fairly insensitive. They’re designed that way to make them safe to handle. You need a much high velocity shockwave to set them off than anything you can get out of small arms. Typical velocity of a rifle round is about 1000m/s.

🌊 What would a nuclear bomb do underwater?

What happens to the water after an underwater nuclear explosion?

  • Unless it breaks the water surface while still a hot gas bubble, an underwater nuclear explosion leaves no trace at the surface but hot, radioactive water rising from below. This is always the case with explosions deeper than about 2,000 ft (610 m).

🌊 What happens when a nuclear bomb explodes underwater?

  • When a nuclear bomb explodes underwater, it does in fact create an enormous bubble that first rushes out and then collapses and expands in a series of struggles with the surrounding water pressure. The physics behind it is complicated and fascinating [ PDF ].

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  • At 53 megatons, the Tsar Bomba was the most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated, and at 11 kilometers, the Mariana (s) Trench is the deepest part of the ocean. No underwater test has involved bombs anywhere near that size, nor depths anywhere near that deep.
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  • Additionally, charge detonation away from the target can result in damage over a larger hull area. Underwater nuclear tests close to the surface can disperse radioactive water and steam over a large area, with severe effects on marine life, nearby infrastructures and humans.
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When was the last time a nuclear bomb was tested underwater?
  • There was supposed to be another underwater test in 1946, but after the impact of Baker, the test was canceled. The next time the military tested a nuclear device underwater was in 1955, during Operation Wigwam, which was meant to test nuclear weapons for use against submarines.
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