When an earthquake occurs underwater it can often cause a?

Cheyenne Weber asked a question: When an earthquake occurs underwater it can often cause a?
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🌊 Which is most likely to result when a large earthquake occurs underwater?


🌊 Can underwater building construction cause an earthquake?

No it makes the earthquake of how much feet the water if its like 6 to 7 or 8 it is a cause of tsunami

🌊 Does every underwater earthquake cause a tsunami?

  • Although most tsunamis are caused by underwater earthquakes, it is to be noted however that not all underwater earthquakes cause tsunamis: usually, an earthquake has to be over about magnitude 7.0 on the Richter scale for it to produce a destructive tsunami. an earthquake must have it's epicentre near the Earth's surface.

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It can cause a tsunami.

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How does underwater earthquake generate tsunamis?

Earthquakes don't generate tsunamis - a tsunami is caused by different atmospheric pressure systems coming together. An underwater earthquake would generate a tidal wave, which is caused by the water displaced by the earthquake.

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How does underwater earthquake generated tsunamis?

underwater volcano submarine landslide

  • How does underwater earthquake generated tsunamis? A continental plate is dragged down and bent by an oceanic plate. The continental plate cannot bend any more and snaps back, pushing the seawater up. The seawater spreads in all directions as a tsunami and reaches land, sometimes hours later.

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What was the biggest earthquake underwater?


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Underwater earthquakes can cause?

underwater landslides underwater volcano

The seawater spreads in all directions as a tsunami and reaches land, sometimes hours later. Let's look at how a tsunami occurs. The earth is covered with hard rock… This is how a plate-boundary earthquake takes place.

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Are tsunamis caused by an underwater earthquake?

Tsunamis. These destructive surges of water are caused by underwater earthquakes. A tsunami is a series of ocean waves that sends surges of water, sometimes reaching heights of over 100 feet (30.5 meters), onto land. These walls of water can cause widespread destruction when they crash ashore.

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Long wave caused by an underwater earthquake?


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Was the 1995 earthquake in japan underwater?

was the earthquake of japan in 1995 underwater

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What is produced by an underwater earthquake?

a tsunami

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Do underwater volcanoes cause earthquakes?

aswer my flippin question

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What can underwater volcanoes cause?

An underwater volcano can cause pillow basalts and rare tsunamis. Underwater volcanoes are formed by hot spots in the Earth's mantle.

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What do underwater earthquakes cause?

  • Dip-slip earthquakes happen when the ocean floor moves up and down. Subduction earthquakes form when plates of the earth's crust stack on top of one another. When earthquakes happen underwater, it can result in a tsunami wave. Causes of Underwater Disturbance

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What do underwater volcanoes cause?

shark underwater volcano underwater volcano diagram

Why do so many volcanic eruptions take place underwater?

  • These boundaries allow super-heated molten rock called magma, along with ash and gases, to rise through Earth’s crust and emerge on the surface, often dramatically. Since many plate boundaries are submerged, around three-quarters of all volcanic activity on Earth actually occurs underwater.

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Can an earthquake make an island go underwater?

Oh yes...easily ! Didn't you see 2012 ? Hawaii was sunk within minutes !

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How does an underwater earthquake affect the internet?

  • Underwater earthquakes can destroy communication cables that have been buried under the seabed, disrupting telephone networks and the Internet in the affected areas.

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Huge surface wave caused by a underwater earthquake?

This sort of wave is called a tsunami. The name comes from the Japanese language and means 'harbor wave'.

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In what areas ocean do underwater earthquake occur?

kac ako ay alam nyo na ah eh pogi

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Where was the earthquake in the movie underwater?

  • An unknown, massive earthquake happens in a drilling station in the bottom of the Marianna Trench. A scientific crew must find their way across the ocean floor into another station under the threats of deep pressure, dark water, dangerous deep-sea creatures, and a constant lack of oxygen. — joel

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Sea wave that is created when the seafloor slips after an underwater earthquake?

This is known as a tsunami.

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Can an underwater volcano cause tsunamis?

Most tsunamis seen these days were caused by earthquakes but one possibility is for a land-based volcano to break down and collapse, forcing large amounts of ash and debris into the water. This will cause a tsunami. Also an underwater volcano will cause a tsunami when they explode. The pressure generated will move the water.

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Can being underwater cause brain damage?

Like Jewel, people who survive drowning may experience brain or organ damage ranging from mild to severe. This is also known as hypoxic brain injury (brain damage due to lack of oxygen). The symptoms of hypoxic brain injuries include inattentiveness, poor judgment, memory loss, and a decrease in motor coordination .

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Do all underwater earthquakes cause tsunamis?

No, all earthquakes do not cause tsunamis… (1) The earthquake must occur beneath the ocean or cause material to slide in the ocean. (2) The earthquake must be strong, at least magnitude 6.5.

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How do tsunamis cause underwater landslides?

  • These landslides, in turn, are often triggered by earthquakes. Tsunamis can be generated on impact as a rapidly moving landslide mass enters the water or as water displaces behind and ahead of a rapidly moving underwater landslide.

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What do underwater volcanic eruptions cause?

Underwater eruptions cause tsunamis and cause lava to form and underwater ridge.

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Why do underwater tsunamis cause earthquakes?

They don't, earthquakes can cause tsunamis

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