Why do people exploring underwater?

Felipa Bogisich asked a question: Why do people exploring underwater?
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🌊 Are people lighter underwater?

Kinda-sorta. Since water is a lot denser than air, a force called buoyancy will carry some of a person's weight when submerged.

🌊 Can people breathe underwater?

No. Lungs are not adapted to water, and water clogs the lungs. If the water clogs the lungs, then it starts a process that leads to unconciousness. The brain tells all of the parts of the body that the person is in danger, and the organs and the blood shut down. Just before the person dies, the brain tells the cells that they are in danger. No matter how much time is left, all the cells shut down and after that the brain cells start dying. If enough brain cells are dead, the person is gone. It is estimated by scientists that it takes 3-5 minutes before loss of conciousness, 10 minutes before the brain cells die, and 15 minutes before irrecoverable death.OK, that's it, but one more thingThere is a process that mostly helps recover and keep the person alive. This process also can help people escape in cold water. Usually the process starts when the brain does do the same thing, and without any time, all the parts of the body have shut down. Then...... I don't know the rest. But I know that the younger the person, the faster the process happens. And the colder the water, the faster the body shuts down. I myself have seen children fall through ice covered ponds or pool and have survived a long time without brain damage. yes people can by bringing tank of oxygen underwater......

🌊 Can people sneeze underwater?

yes but usually when i do it my ears always pop

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People explore underwater because one day someone might find air underwater so not just fish can live underwater but people as well. Lots of people try to discover underwater to find new creatures and name it by their name

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Why do people hear better underwater?

People hear better under water because there aren't as many sound particles in the water so u can hear everything better

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How do people breathe underwater with tubes?

  • Breathing underwater along the surface of the water is possible with a snorkel. The snorkel is a tube that attaches to your mouth and loops around past your face, pointing upwards to the surface. The snorkel sticks out of the water and provides you access to fresh air.

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How do people open their eyes underwater?

diving underwater without goggles

  • Submerge yourself in a bathtub. Practice keeping your eyes open underwater as long as you can hold your breath. The temperature of the water should be moderate to cold, as in pools or the sink earlier. Continue practicing this until you have no trouble and don’t mind the irritation of exposing your eyes to water.

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What will happen if people live underwater?

Chuck noris is the answer.

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Why do people like the underwater hockey?


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Are there any people that can breathe underwater?

  • Other than flying and telepathy (which, let's be honest, would probably actually be awful), breathing underwater is one of the favorites. You can hang out with Aquaman and Ursula (sorry Ariel, but she looks more fun), and when the apocalypse comes and we’re all living under water, you’ll be fine.

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Can people go underwater to see the titanic?

It's possible to visit the wreck in a small submarine, but such a trip is prohibitively expensive.

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Can people hear you if you scream underwater?

Sound needs a medium to travel through (that's why in the vacuum of space, no one can hear you scream), and sound moves four times faster through water than it does air… [Sound underwater] doesn't really travel through your eardrums.

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Can you push people underwater in water polo?

Players can move the ball by throwing it to a teammate or swimming with the ball in front of them. Players are not permitted to push the ball underwater in order to keep it from an opponent, or push or hold an opposing player unless that player is holding the ball.

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How many people have died from underwater welding?

ethan barnes

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How many people will be underwater by 2050?

  • The first map shows earlier expectations of submerged land by 2050. But the new outlook, the second map, indicates that the bottom part of the country will be underwater at high tide. More than 20 million people in Vietnam, almost one-quarter of the population, live on land that will be inundated.

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Is there a underwater place with aqua people?

No such place has so far been found.

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Who are the people that can see underwater?

  • This ability is limited to the children of the Moken people of western Thailand. Like the Bajau people of Indonesia, the Moken live by the seaside and are also called water nomads. Unlike other kids, however, the Moken children have excellent eyesight underwater.

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Why do some people like to run underwater?

  • They have found that their athletes’ muscles are better prepared for the next day of training after using contrast therapy. Running underwater improves land-based running function – Underwater treadmill running requires the use of different muscles in order to push through the viscosity (drag) of the water.

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Would radiation harm the people testing underwater bombs?

Radiation will always harm people no matter where they are, as it causes cancer.

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Are there any famous people who can breathe underwater?

  • Spongebob Squarepants. These are just some of our most recognizable heroes who can breathe underwater. And though it seems like the stuff of fiction, breathing underwater may soon be very much a reality.

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How did people survive underwater a long time ago?

with special masks

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How do you create your own underwater sea people?

You just dont

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Is it possible to take pictures of people underwater?

  • Underwater model photography is taking off, with many Instagram influencers making names for themselves. While the photography is certainly a challenge, the modeling requires very skillful buoyancy and body control. It just is not easy for most people to look good while swimming underwater.

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Why are some people able to see well underwater?

  • The ability to see well underwater could have become a genetic trait. Another possible explanation is that accommodation underwater is a side effect of the diving response; the parasympathetic nerves that control this reflex also control pupil constriction.

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What people uses underwater photography in their work or life?

An oceanographer is a scientist who studies underwater life. Most of their work involves photography of diverse plants and animals in the ocean.

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What are the people who live underwater in harry potter called?


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What nationality would people living underwater in the caspian sea be?


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